My name is Bambi, but you can call me Bam Bam ;)

    Born & raised in beautiful Northern California; I'm part forest nymph, and part concrete voyager, with a heart that belongs to the Ocean. A lover of passion, in all of it's forms. I enjoy good food, a hearty laugh, and only the very best of company. I appreciate the little things, as much as the finer things, and I have a knack for making the ordinary, extraordinary!

    Charismatic, and delightfully well rounded, I make the perfect companion, for any engagement. Attentive, articulate, and engaging; with an effervescent charm that will captivate, and leave you yearning for more.

    I am that refreshing departure from the norm that you've been longing for. The spark that ignites your spirit, and rejuvenates your soul. The muse to inspire you. Truly a delight, for all of the senses.

Allow me to illuminate your world!


Caution; Habit Forming